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Building Philosophy – “It’s All About the Experience”

From the initial phone call to beyond project completion, the interests of our clients have been our most important consideration. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the service, project management, craftsmanship and expertise required to successfully complete their projects. With these things in mind we have developed our “4 Step Process”. Following this process will offer the best possible experience for the homeowner seeking a successful renovation project.


We have enough experience to know that parts of the building and remodeling industry are outdated. Countless times a plan is presented to us to bid upon. Many times this is a preliminary plan lacking information such as final finish selections, proper engineering, and in some cases, proper measurements. Often this preliminary plan is presented to three builders for bidding purposes. How is it possible to receive an apple to apples quote? One builder may catch an engineering flaw while the other two don’t. Cost estimates for missing selections could be set differently between the three builders. Usually the homeowner ends up with three bids, each with a different scope of work as well as a range of costs. Lastly, and perhaps the most frustrating, is the range of ballpark numbers often indicate that the design for the project exceeds the clients intended budget. This simply does not work and wastes a tremendous amount of time and energy for all parties involved. Knowing this, we have worked hard to implement our 4 part Design-Build concept. Following this process will offer the best possible experience for the homeowner seeking a successful renovation project.
1.) Evaluate
This is nothing short of a comprehensive evaluation of the home and the homeowners needs. During this process, we examine the in-place systems, the home as a whole, as well as the overall site. We perform an energy audit and determine the homes energy “deficiencies”. Using this information we are able to educate the homeowner on ways money can be spent wisely as well as ways money can be saved. This step is also used to discuss budget expectations, design requirements and the homeowners expected final result.2.) Design
Using the information gathered from the Evaluation step we are able to generate a “Projected Budget” before beginning any design work. With the budget in place we can move on to preliminary construction drawings using our in house design team or in collaboration with your architect. During review the homeowner can suggest revisions which will lead us to final construction drawings. During this phase all selections are completed so that an accurate final construction contract can be presented.3.) Construct
With a signed contract, construction drawings, and the finishes selected, construction begins(also known as “Design Execution”). At this point we put together the Design/Build team so that the homeowner, contractor, vendors, and subs are all communicating with one another in an efficient manner. The homeowner can sit back and relax. We will monitor the budget and schedule and keep them up to speed with the projects progress. Design changes that become obvious during this phase can be handled quickly by the Design/Build team. This saves time and money.4.) Maintain
Upon completion we provide a customized checklist of items that will require the homeowners ongoing attention. We also provide a one year follow up walk through in which we address any issues that may have arisen since the completion of construction. We also verify that the customized checklist items have been addressed. Additionally, we offer our Home Maintenance Program in which your home is evaluated using our 60 point checklist. This ensures a complete overview of your home and its needs.From beginning to end our Design-Build process relies on constant communication, homeowner education and the expectation that we are building a relationship that will last a lifetime. We understand that when remodeling your home, it is all about the experience.

Knowing this, we have worked hard to implement our 4 part Design-Build concept.

“Everything is just wonderful and we are thoroughly enjoying our new space both in the basement and the new laundry room. Thank you so much for such a wonderful job. And for getting done on time. We have a full house!”
-J. Sweetenburg


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