Three Unexpected Areas Where You Can Improve Home Safety

Making Home A Safe, Secure Environment Is A Priority For Any Parent.

Real Estate Charlotte NC It’s why we have smoke alarms and deadbolts, secure screens on second-floor windows and set the temperature of our hot water heaters to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. But what about unexpected sources of danger in our homes?

While it’s impossible to anticipate and guard against every eventuality, it still pays to think about some dangers that are often overlooked – but that can be every bit as tragic as more obvious threats. Here are some accident risks that are statistically worth worrying about when you’re working on making your home as safe as possible for your children.

Tipping TVs

TVs keep getting bigger and more of us have multiple sets in our homes. Unfortunately, many of those TVs will end up on dressers, coffee tables, and folding tray tables that were never intended to hold a television. Even TVs placed on a stand made for displaying a set can tip over if not properly secured. [Read more…]

The heat is on outside, keep cool inside

 As summer heats up, air conditioning bills can rapidly rise.

As homeowners feel the heat, many are looking for ways to save and stay cool.

Many U.S. consumers strive to conserve energy at home. Forty-seven percent of Americans say they try to conserve energy all or most of the time, according to researchers at Iconoculture.

One way to help lower utility bills in the summer and year-round is to replace drafty or leaky old windows with new, energy-efficient products. [Read more…]

Charlotte Mecklenburg Real Estate: How to Get Farm Fresh Eggs Straight From Your Backyard

Charlotte Mecklenburg Real EstateFresh, healthy eggs.

Natural fertilizer аnd pest control. A chance tо teach your kids thе value оf growing thеіr own fооd. These аrе just sоmе оf thе reasons backyard chickens hаvе moved frоm а novelty tо а mainstream trend. [Read more…]

Top 2012 Garden And Lifestyle Trends: Cultivate The New Good Life With The Power Of Plants

Charlotte NC Real Estate In today’s world where news travels at the speed of now, people are searching for balance and purpose and are tapping into the power of plants to cultivate the ‘new good life’.

“Plants are powerful,” says Eric Liskey, deputy garden editor for “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine. “Whether it’s enjoying garden-to-table meals or sharing great new plant finds, people are naturally drawn to plants.”

[Read more…]

Three green trends for 2012 home remodeling

Charlotte Home Inspection For some homeowners, remodeling projects are regular occurrences to keep their homes looking fresh.

Sometimes, that means smaller changes like a new coat of paint or changing a light fixture. Other times, more substantial changes are needed. Determining those changes can be a challenge, but looking at the potential return on investment is a great way to prioritize. [Read more…]

Living green outside of the home

Charlotte Mecklenburg Real Estate Do you know if your apartment building, place of employment, or favorite hotel is operating efficiently?

Even the seemingly minor decisions we make each day can have a significant impact on our health, finances and surrounding environment. While most people know about the small changes they can make at home to have a positive impact, including using natural products, recycling and reducing waste and installing efficient appliances and fixtures, they may not know how easy it is to make the same environmentally friendly choices outside the home. Energy efficiency and water conservation continue to gain visibility in the commercial building sector, too. [Read more…]