Improving The Health Of Your Lawn

Let’s Face It: When You Live In The Suburbs, A Healthy, Well-Kept Lawn Is A Must.

Charlotte NC   Real Estate Before anyone even steps into your house, it’s your front lawn that makes the first impression of your home. So what’s something that can help keep your lawn healthy? Many people seem to forget about aeration.

Aeration, or aerification, is a method of perforating your lawn with small holes to allow for more water circulation and oxygen flow to the soil and roots. Aeration can help fix lawn challenges like poor drainage or gas exchange, soil compaction, layering in the soil profile, heavy soil in the root zone, and thatch. It’s one of the best conditional processes you can do for your lawn, and is absolutely essential in restoring a worn lawn. [Read more…]

Want pristine outdoor spaces next year? Take action in the fall

The cooling weather signals most homeowners to retire their lawn and garden equipment for the year.

But before you stow away the rakes and hoes, remember that fall offers a unique opportunity for starting projects that can yield beautiful landscape results next year. You can save time and potentially money by doing a few simple projects now so when spring arrives, your yard reaches its full potential.

Every year, a lot of time, money and effort is devoted to the pursuit of a beautiful and well-maintained home landscape. According to the 2011 American Time Use Survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans who dedicate time to lawn and garden care spend on average more than two hours a day maintaining their outdoor spaces. [Read more…]

Five simple steps to help homeowners ease into spring projects

charlotte mecklenburg real estate lookup Now, while the winter is still around, is the best time for homeowners to get a jump start on planning and prepping for their spring and summer home and garden projects; so when the weather really does warm up, it takes little effort to get the projects underway.

In addition to fine-tuning home improvement and gardening plans, it is also a good idea to make certain the required tools are in tip-top shape, so the projects are not delayed. [Read more…]

To rid your garden of weeds, focus on the seeds

Charlotte NC Homes For Sale Every garden is filled with them: millions of unseen weeds.

They are dormant seeds that lurk just below the soil surface, ready to spring to life with just the briefest exposure to light. Weeds can choke a garden, robbing it of space, nutrients and water. Allowing weeds to mature compounds the problem, as they are naturally prolific seed producers. They grow aggressively and can be tough to get rid of, because pulling weeds brings more weed seeds to the surface.

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Homes For Sale Charlotte NC Real Estate: Give Grass A Fresh Start This Spring

Homes For Sale Charlotte NCGrass is an extraordinary plant, the unsung hero of backyards everywhere.
With proper care and feeding, grass can help clean the air, cool the ground, reduce erosion and provide one of the softest outdoor play surfaces. With all of these amazing benefits, it pays to start the spring season off right by giving grass a boost. [Read more…]

Easy ways to create a year-round oasis in your backyard

Charlotte Real EstateWhen winter approaches, do you stow the grill and cover the patio furniture, wishing there was some way you could continue to enjoy your outdoor living space all year? If so, you’re not alone.

More homeowners are seeking function and efficiency from their outdoor living spaces, according to a recent survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects. Demand is growing to make outdoor spaces unique and usable year-round. Experts say one of the first ways to create this personal year-round oasis, is by bringing the indoors outside.

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