Charlotte Real Estate Lookup: Tips For Making Spring Cleaning Easy For The Entire Family

charlotte real estate lookupAs the snow begins to melt and flowers finally start blooming, spring is in the air. After being cooped up in the house for those long winter months, most families are undoubtedly ready for it.

So when it comes to spring cleaning, it’s understandable you and your family want to clear all of the past year’s clutter and mess, without taking too much time away from enjoying fun springtime activities. And thankfully it’s possible to maintain a deep spring cleaning without spending more than a day’s time, as long as you stay organized.

“Cleaning smart is the key to making your spring cleanup quick and efficient, not long and painstaking,” says Jelmar President Alison Gutterman. “Everyone wants to enjoy the outdoors this time of year, so getting the whole family involved, making a plan and using the right tools will help your cleanup get done fast and your home will look great.”

When your clan is able to carve out one day to hold your spring cleaning initiative be sure to go in prepared to ensure total participation and maximize success.

Spring cleaning tips:

  • Delegate: The entire family contributes to the mess over the year, which means the entire family should also help clean it up. Don’t try to take on a deep spring cleaning alone, enlist the troops and assign age-appropriate chores to everyone.
  • Make a list: Before everyone commits to several hours of spring cleaning, do a quick walk-through of the house and take notes on exactly what needs cleaning up or needs to be tossed out. This makes prioritizing work a bit easier, and you’re sure to get everything that needs to be cleaned done.
  • Supply suitably: Everyone has their ever-growing stash of cleaners in a closet or under the sink, but having a multitude of products just drags out your projects, not to mention creates more clutter. Try some effective multi-purpose cleaners that can take care of a few different rooms and several tasks for easy and quick cleanup. Use CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner to tackle caked-on grime from ceramic tile, shower doors, toilet bowls, kitchen counter tops and more without any of the elbow grease.
  • Keep your perspective: There’s nothing better than a freshly cleaned home but life is messy. Things are going to get dirty along the way, so while a good spring cleaning is definitely necessary each year, there are always going to be things to tidy up. Taking the steps to making your spring cleaning efforts as efficient and effective as possible is the best way to get your home looking its best, and your family back to enjoying their post-winter fun.

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