How the right home updates help seniors age well at home

Charlotte Mecklenburg Real Estate Lookup Whether you are a senior yourself, or have a loved one who is older, living independently in the home is a priority.

With the right precautions and a few necessary safety modifications, many seniors can continue to thrive in their own homes.

The room that poses the most danger to seniors is the bathroom. The potential for slips and falls is greater in this part of the home – 75 percent of fall injuries occur in the bathroom — making it a good place to focus your renovation energy. Have you considered updating these parts of the bathroom?

Flooring: Hard floors are a hazard because even a small amount of moisture can make them very slick. Many people choose to install carpet because it does not lift or move like rugs can, plus it is warmer to walk on and softer if there is a fall.

Bathtub: Walk-in baths and showers like the ones from Premier  Care In Bathing are great for seniors who want to take baths or showers but don’t want to risk slipping and falling when stepping over the side of a tub or entering the shower. Look for features like a walk-in door, a powered bath lift, soothing hydrovescent therapy and easy-to-turn faucets.

Higher toilet: These types of toilets sit higher off the floor so that users don’t have to bend their knees as much to get up and down.

Good lighting: To help seniors see better, it’s important to have well-lit rooms and walkways so that it’s easy to get around all areas of the house, including the bathroom.

Now that you have a good idea of what types of things should be replaced to help keep seniors safe, it’s time to find the right company who can make the renovation process simple. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of options available, so here are some tips to help you find the right one for you.

Tip 1: Good reputation

Reputation means everything when picking out a company that specializes in bathroom updates for seniors. How long has the company been in business? What is their reputation? Can they provide you with references you can contact?

Tip 2: Quality products

A good bathroom renovation is an investment, and that’s why you want a product that works well and is long lasting. After going through a rigorous testing process, Premier Care walk-in baths and easy-access showers were commended as being easier to use and more accessible for people with arthritis by the Arthritis Foundation. These are the first baths and showers to ever receive this prestigious commendation. The company is also recognized as the official specialty bathing partner for AMVETS, the non-profit organization for American Veterans.

Tip 3: Free estimate

Avoid any company who will not send you educational materials such as brochures to review prior to purchase. Also avoid any company who will not come to your home to give you a free estimate on the cost of the renovation. An accurate cost estimate is impossible without seeing a bathroom in person. Premier Care always offers free in home consultations so you can ask questions, get a personalized estimate and a recommendation on the walk in-bath or shower that is perfect for you.

Tip 4: Specialized contractors

When updating a bathroom, it’s wise to choose a company that does it all. If they subcontract the work out, you may not get someone who has the necessary insight specifically needed for senior home design. Look for companies that do it all, from providing the best products to complete installation and renovation. Remember the work shouldn’t take too long either. Quality companies can do the work within a day or two and will work around your schedule.

With a few home improvements and modifications, seniors can stay safe at home and live independently for many years. For more information about walk-in baths, showers or ADA compliant sinks and toilets call (800) 313-1694 or visit

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