Foreclosed Home Bought Back At Auction

charlotte foreclosuresThere have been some very unusual Charlotte foreclosure stories reported in the media over the last couple of years, but this one rates right at the top for both unusual and cool!

Approximately 50 folks showed up at’s live auction for Charlotte-area foreclosures Monday evening at the Charlotte Convention Center.

David Blakely of High Point came to buy back his residence and this time he was going to pay cash for it if he turned out to be the winning bidder.

He obtained his residence for $45,000 and says he lost it when his mortgage company changed and the new company never processed his payments.

Carol and Jason Chen also joined the crowd. They wanted a residence in Charlotte that fed into the public schools they want their children to attend. They obtained the house they wanted, valued at $138,000, for just $65,000.

David Blakely was also a successful bidder in the auction. His residence was among the last up for auction but he was the high bidder at $40,000 and this time paid cash for his purchase!

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